Hebron Disability School and Children's Home Complex, Manila, the Philippines

Hebron Disability School and Children's Home Complex, Manila, the Philippines

This social enterprise project involved four members of the FMS team flying to the Philippines in January 2009 with 160 kilograms of equipment, including PABX and ADSL systems, computers and cabinetry.

Two hours out of Manila, the Hebron School complex comprises an administration block, college, school for disabled children, children’s home and staff accommodation. The vast footprint of the campus was proving a significant challenge for communication within the complex. Even though the facility had four phone lines, staff found it easier to use their personal cell phones to contact one another on campus. The school’s existing outdated and under-utilised communications technology also contributed significantly to the monthly overheads – expense this aid-funded facility could well do without.

As part of a CBM International aid project, FMS donated its time to provide hands-on engineering expertise to upgrade Hebron’s telecommunication and data systems, ICT facilities and PABX system.

Undertaken over two weeks, the upgrade and streamlining of telecommunications and data systems has improved communication within the complex and significantly reduced running costs. Importantly, through enhancing the school’s capacity to report back to its international supporters, the systems installed by FMS increases the potential for Hebron to secure additional aid in future.

To ensure the system continues to add value to the complex, all systems are monitored and maintained remotely by FMS in New Zealand.

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