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Satelec Mini LED OEM

Satelec Mini LED OEM


Only Available Integrated Into MIDMARK
For the perfect control of your unit, the Mini LED curing light is also available in a version that can be integrated with or without a module. A complete range of cords is available. This version uses the same light guides and has the same features as the table-top device:

  • Three modes :
    • Fast mode: Full power for 10 seconds
    • Pulse mode: 10 successive one second flashes at full power
    • Ramping mode: 20 second cycle (10 seconds with linear power increase and 10 seconds at full power)
  • The autoclavable light guide is available in different sizes: Universal (7.5mm) and Booster (5.5mm)
  • Power: 1,250 mW/cm²
  • Polymerization of all types of composite (2 to 3mm) in 6 to 12 seconds.



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