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NEW B Class Sterilisers

NEW B Class Sterilisers


Midmark’s range of Class B Sterilisers, from the Speedy 6 litre to the 60 litre model offer high sterilisation speeds with reduced energy and water consumption. Compliant to BS EN13060 and Australian/New Zealand Standards, the sterilisers come with a wide range of features for ease of use.

  • Motor-operated door closure
  • User friendly pre-programmed sterilisation cycles
  • Automatic printing of sterilisation cycles
  • Data traceability and integrated printer
  • Can be connected to a demineraliser or reverse osmosis system
  • Reversible tray holder (trays or cassettes)
  • USB data logger

Midmark Newmed Class B brochure - pdf

Midmark Newmed 60 Litre Class B brochure - pdf

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